Shout out!

We want to send a shout out to everyone that came out to the Main Street Saloon over the thanksgiving weekend to watch up play live. We had a blast and enjoyed handing with you guys as usual.

Please be sure to vote for us on the local rock the band bar scene here in Akron.

Also we have posted per your request the schedule of our up and coming gigs, we hope to hang and see lots of you there as usual thank you for your support.

Make sure you also check out our new download page which has links to itunes and a few other sources an support us.

enjoy this video from out friends :)

Shout out to our Marketing Sponsor

It’s no surprise that we have many sponsors and without them we couldn’t be able to continue to play. While we do make money from playing gigs its not enough with hotels, travel, food, etc…

Today we want to send a shot out to one of our biggest sponsors. These guys have supported us and provided amazing signage and marketing material for our show.

For those that may be wondering why we need them here is is why:

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Include an attention grabbing statement to capture the imagination of readers and avoid being generic. Instead of Stating “Jewelry for sale,” you can say, “one of a kind jewelry and custom fittings.”

State exactly what you want the reader to do by creating a call to action. For example, Come in today and view our weekly sales,” or, ‘Call 888-777-7777 today,’ or ‘visit our website today.”

Use your businesses logo. This can be done as a background to the lettering, at the beginning of your message, and more. You can use your imagination and be as creative as you want to be when designing a custom yard sign.

Use colors that are in line with the type of business that you’re marketing. Certain holiday yard signs such as orange and black for Halloween or green and red can be extremely effective. The colors attract the reader’s attention in an instant and they don’t necessarily have to read anything because the colors convey your message.

Be careful and use caution when using humor. You want to be certain that it won’t offend others and you want your message to be taken seriously in order to attract business.

Use high quality materials and workmanship. It’s better to spend the few extra dollars on quality custom yard signs that are the right size and color. These will last much longer and have a professional appearance.

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Our Roots

We  have been asked by tons of people why we choose to name ourselves Rotterdam and we assumed (for along time) everyone knew why but as we play more gigs and meet all of you we realize we are wrong!

We choose the name because that’s where we are originally from. The amazing city of Rotterdam, so we found a video that displays the beauty out hometown. Check it out!